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28-30 July 2023

Place: Poznan – Malta Lake (finish line of the race track)

  1. The organiser of the International Wood Carving Festival is the City of Poznań.
  2. Only those previously registered and admitted may participate in the competition.
    • Carvers will be selected based on
      • previous experience in wood carving;
      • participation in wood carving competitions;
      • a sketch of the animal chosen to be made during the Main Competition.
  3. The 3rd International Woodcarving Festival will be held from 28-30/07/2023.
  4. Speed Carving Competition.
    • Competition date: 29th July | 30th July
    • The hours of the competition will be announced by the Organizer.
    • Contestants will make carvings at their stations.Themes: free
    • Height of carving min. 50 cm max. 100 cm.
    • Type of tools used – no restrictions.Style of carving – any.
    • To make a carving, the competitor will be provided with an appropriate amount of raw materialFinished carvings will be auctioned each time.
    • The Artists will donate the total income from the auction of the created carvings to the charity indicated by the Festival Organiser.
    • Auctions of the carvings will take place after the carving each day of the Speed Wood Carving competition.
    • The event host will conduct the auction.
    • Any adult participant of the event may participate in the auction.
    • The objectives will be made public no later than one week before the start of the Festival.
  5. Main Competition.
    • The artists in the competition have the task of making benches/seats
    • Themes of works in the competition are forest and field animals (e.g. small bear, deer, roe deer, wild boar, fox, wolf, elk, owl, squirrel, hare, pine marten, woodpecker, stork, hedgehog, pollinating insects).
    • Competition participants will compete from 28 to 30 July, from 11:00 to 19:00
    • During the Main Competition, the Organiser will provide:
      • workstations in the form of 4×4 “Turk” tents for two carversstandard wood as required (hardwood)
      • access to electricity at the workstation, according to the previously declared standard – 110 V or 220 V.
      • Illumination of the sculptures when completed.
    • Additional comments and reservations:
      • max. height of the carving – 1,5 m,
      • ban of the use of previously prepared materials,
      • Ban on advertising companies that are not sponsors of the festival (ban on placing advertising posters, distributing promotional materials, leaflets, etc.),
      • all elements of the carving must be made of wood, and the use of other decorations in the form of ribbons, fabrics, etc., is prohibited.
      • sculptures should meet safety standards, i.e. without splinters, holes that would cause a jamming hazard, should not have sharp edges, etc.
      • it is forbidden to put inscriptions on the carvings.
    • The sculptures will be handed over to Primary School No. 77 in Poznań.
  6. The Organiser undertakes to:
    • provide accommodation for all participants during their stay in Poznań
    • provide meals on competition days
    • cover travel costs related to the participants’ arrival in and departure from Poznań (air, rail and bus transport).
  7. The Participants undertake to:
    • to participate in the competitions on the days announced by the Organiser,
    • to have their own protective clothing,to use their own tools,
    • transfer all material rights and copyrights to the finished works to the competition’s Organiser.
  8. Evaluation of carvings in the SPEED WOOD CARVING competition:
    • The evaluation of the carvings and the artistry of the carver will be determined by auctioning the resulting carvings.
    • The top three places will be selected and awarded out of all entries.
    • The order of the winning places will be determined by the sums of money obtained from the auction, and so in turn:
      • First place to the Artist whose auctioned carving achieves the highest monetary amount.
      • Second place for the Artist whose sculpture achieves the second highest monetary amount. 
      • Third place for the Artist whose sculpture achieves the third highest monetary amount consecutively.
    • Scoring:
SPEED WOOD CARVING | 07/291009080706050403020101010
SPEED WOOD CARVING | 07/301009080706050403020101010
  1. Evaluation criteria MAIN COMPETITION:
    • first impression – 20 points
    • level of difficulty and technical skills – 30 points
      • use of wood
      • technical skills
      • details
    • design and composition – 40 points
      • design and symmetry
      • design and composition
    • creativity (originality of the design) – 10 points

TOTAL                                                100 points

  1. The winner of the Festival will be the artist who scores the highest number of points in all competitions, i.e. Speed Wood Carving (x2) and the Main Competition.
  2. The winners of the Festival will receive the following prizes:

1st place – 1000 euro

2nd place – 750 euros

3rd place – 500 euro